Kerri Wright’s Success Story

Wright Consulting Group

My name is Kerri Wright and I own Wright Consulting Group, which is a human resources consulting and development company.

I decided to create this company, because I saw a need within Northwestern Ontario with small business owners and local entrepreneurs who require HR assistance. Some of these professionals don’t have the budget or they don’t have enough work to hire someone in a full-time capacity.

PARO Workshop

PARO Workshop

Initially, I started working with PARO in hopes of launching my own business. I met Shelley Jacobson at a PARO workshop where she was the presenter. I was so impressed with the information she delivered, that by the end of her presentation, when she offered her pilot course, I knew I had to jump on it.

A short while later, I found out that I was lucky enough to be one of the select few chosen to join and participate in her pilot launch program!

This course has provided positive encouragement that helped me get past my fears surrounding being an entrepreneur and attracting clients. It also laid out the groundwork I needed to do in order to move forward.

Before taking the course, I attempted a few social media strategies that tanked. I was frustrated to say the least. Why was it so difficult for me, but so easy (or so it seemed) for everyone else to market themselves and their companies?

That’s where Shelley came in. The more we talked about my business, the more I came to realize, I was attacking the wrong social media avenues and I needed to put my focus elsewhere.

The change has been dramatic. Now I have prospective clients reaching out to me on a regular basis!

This time I feel like I’m actually moving forward – not just doing a bunch of things because “this is what you’re supposed to do” and feeling like I’m treading water.

I see where I was before the online program, and where I am now after completing it. There is a specific before and after with measurable milestones.Get.Better.Clients

Shelley’s Authentic Attraction Formula program, has helped with building structure with the things I need to focus on and accomplish. The tools Shelley provided in her program, gives me the confidence I need moving forward to get what I need to get done without my fear getting in the way.

I would recommend this course to anyone in their first few years of business. It covers strategies someone may not have thought of when they initially launched.

When your workload slows down or stops, this program will help get the ball rolling and provides you with the tools you need to generate income, before you need it.

Having a steady stream of potential clients you can reach out to when your business goes through slower periods is much less stressful than having no clients.

The tools are easy to use and very helpful – I am impressed with how much time and effort Shelley has put into this program and it’s definitely much appreciated.

Kerri Wright – Wright Consulting Group

A Note From Shelley: I am so incredibly proud of Kerri. She took the initiative to sign up to my new program, “How to Get Better Clients,” rolled up her sleeves, did the work and she just signed a huge contract that will impact her career and put her on the map!

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