Does Your Content Strategy Help Scale Your Business?

A content strategy consult will help you make data driven decisions that will uncover metrics that matter so you know where to begin and which strategies you should invest your time and resources into.

The reality is, when Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm with social signals, user interaction and interest, it’s more difficult than ever to hit the bulls-eye.

That’s where I come in. I have the expertise that enables me to create a highly effective online marketing strategy by analyzing your current strategy, and identifying where you can boost your ROI by creating an effective plan that will align with your business goals.

Without a map, you would be lost. And the map I’m referring to is your customer’s journey. It’s impossible to get to where you want to go with your goals if you haven’t walked a mile in your customer’s shoes.

Authentic Attraction Formula Map

9 Stages of An Effective Content Strategy

During my discovery stage, I will uncover gaps and opportunities that will help us determine what works and what doesn’t. Then I will map out the customer journey and create a step-by-step blueprint that will provide your prospects exactly what they need when they need it.

I will reverse engineer the entire process so that your strategy will align with every stage of the customer journey.

You will receive a decisive plan of action that outlines what needs to be done so that you can experience long-term gains with digital assets that establish trust and credibility.

I will analyze your existing data by:

-Discovering issues that negatively impact your performance

-Uncovering critical areas that need to be addressed

-Providing you with a prioritized list of changes that will help you move forward

I will devise a plan of action by starting with a complete review of your core marketing components.

Diagnostic Stage Pyramid

Content Marketing Diagnostics

I will examine where your traffic is falling off so that we can fix leaky buckets and create content that performs and engages your target audience.

Opt-in audit:
I will examine your current calls to action and fine-tune your content so that we can boost engagement, reduce spam complaints and minimize deliverability problems.

Content customization:
I will customize your current content based on the user’s journey so that conversions will improve.

Your content strategy will be measured by numbers and important key metrics that will establish baseline results so that we can maximize your best-performing pieces and eliminate strategies that are not performing.

Your entire process will be reviewed so that we can provide you with a step-by-step plan of action for short-term gains and an outline of what you will need to do to experience long-term ROI in the future.

If this sound like something you need help with, just answer a few questions below, and if we think we can help you achieve your marketing goals, we will schedule a discovery call to determine next steps.