Content Marketing Jam Sessions

Welcome to the first bite-sized training video – 3 minutes or less on how to fix a content marketing challenge you struggle with most.

I want to take the pulse of this audience and help as best I can with the problems you are struggling with the most.

So feel free to comment below with something you’re struggling with and I’ll record a mini training video with an actionable plan you can follow…and I won’t mention your name – I promise!

In today’s session, I’m going to talk about a mistake most small businesses make, and that mistake is… Trying to sound larger than you are.

Watch the video here – Or feel free to read the content below:

If you’ve ever used the word “we” instead of “I ” and you’re a one-person show – this video is for you!

Pretending to be or sound like something you’re not is exhausting because you’re always studying your competitions messaging to see what they’re saying, and then you use that as a template and try to sound like something you’re not.

That’s too hard!

Being human and transparent will attract the right people to your brand – notice how I didn’t use the word traffic….I’m talking about human beings with a pulse – not a leaky bucket or stats in traffic. We’re talking to human beings behind the screen.

When people resonate with you and your message, they’re much likelier to go with your business because they know, like and trust you.

But if you’re still afraid of sounding like a one-person show or a small team, don’t be because you have an advantage over the big companies.

Think about this for a second; How many commercials have you seen Jenifer Anniston in?

Big companies pay her millions to endorse their products because we know like and trust her.

So when big companies pay big bucks to sound more like us and less corporate – that’s because endorsement campaigns work.

So why not take advantage of that and leverage it because you have something they don’t have and they have to pay big bucks to sound like you!

So here’s how you can leverage that with your message – check it out.

If you’re just starting up and you’re competing against a large company… be honest and be transparent and say something like this:

“My business isn’t big like some of the companies you’re used to hearing about, but that’s to your advantage because you’re not just another number to me…you’re the reason why I do what I do and a valued customer that I will work hard to please.”

You’re addressing the elephant in the room by saying your not the biggest, but you work the hardest and you care about your customers.

Here’s your action tip; go through you’re messaging on your website, brochures, your printed materials your digital materials and take out the word we and replace it with I.

That’s it for today’s bite-sized training session.

Next… I’m going to go deep and tell you how you can find your voice in business and how you can use that to squash your competition.

In the meantime – if you found today’s mini session valuable – please comment below or share this post with someone that might find this information useful.

Talk to you soon!