Online Marketing Tools

The tools and services I have listed below, are tools that I highly recommend and endorse. These tools have helped me succeed and I believe they will be helpful to you.

Please Note & Understand: In an attempt to be honest and transparent, please know that some of the links on this page are affiliate links that will compensate me if you decide to purchase a product or service via that link. However; I will never list a product or service on this page that I don’t use or recommend.

Rainmaker Pro

I switched my site over to this comprehensive platform because it is designed for content marketers. It offers an impressive suite of built-in tools for SEO, conversion analytics, landing pages, A/B testing, product sales, and an affiliate program. The video below will give you an overview of some of its capabilities.


American Writers and Artists Institute is a program I highly recommend for any aspiring copywriter. They helped me become the writer I am today. Read all about my journey here.


Canva is an amazingly simple tool that I use for small graphic design tasks.


Evernote is a writing tool I depend on to collect notes, ideas and online pages for inspiration. To be honest, I’d be lost without it!


A convenient online storage service that allows you to access documents or pictures wherever you are and share files with other team members.

Google Docs

A great way to upload, access and edit work files with other team members.

Smart Sheet

This program is like a spreadsheet on steroids! I use Smart Sheet to keep track of my writing projects, client conversations and any other upcoming tasks.


A powerful editor I use to check my work that plugs into all versions of Microsoft Word


A content optimization plugin that works on WordPress and also works as an online stand alone program.


A great content creation and word processing tool that allows me to work on large files that demand organization and storage all in one place. Very handy when you have to refer to your original source notes.


An all-in-one sales and marketing solution. (CRM)